Last year, we made 140,746 connections.
An increase of 13.7%.
We want to create a Calgary where everyone is heard.

46,795 crisis centre volunteer hours


  • We onboarded 175 new volunteers who completed the crisis intervention training.
  • 92% of surveyed volunteers report learning new skills.
  • Our crisis line volunteers represent $915,000 savings to us on salaries.

“Volunteering at the Distress Centre really makes you realize that you're part of something much bigger than yourself. You meet so many strangers who share their deepest anxieties with you, their fears, their hopes and their dreams…and for a few brief, candid moments, it's just human to human, helping each other through our common struggle.”
-Kathy, ConnecTeen Volunteer

89,710 crisis connections made

Crisis Support

  • The need for crisis support increased by 7% over phone, chat, text and email on our crisis lines.
  • 23% of our online contacts were suicide-related.
  • We assisted with 899 emergency interventions last year.
  • 96% of surveyed users reported a stable or reduced level of distress at the end of their chat sessions.
7,709 calls, chats, texts and emails


  • We have confidential 24-hour phone peer support for youth and teens as well as daily chat and text, and an interactive website.
    • We experienced a 39% increase in ConnecTeen Crisis contacts. 
    • 93% of surveyed users reported a stable or reduced level of distress at the end of their chat sessions.
2,608 sessions completed


  • We saw a 33% increase in counselling referrals to Distress Centre, and a 1.7% increase in contacts.
  • 90% of surveyed clients provided a positive rating on their session with a counsellor.

“When I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do anymore I call my counsellor and she helps me unwind and calm down. After I talk with her I see things clearly and I am able to deal with the problem better than I could before.”
-Distress Centre Client

91% of callers said they understand their needs better

211 Support

  • The Community Resource Database was brought in-house from the City of Calgary, ensuring our 211 staff have the most up-to-date resource information available.
  • Our 211 line connected 26,629 callers with the community resources they need.
  • Through our Basic Needs Fund we distributed over $181,880 to 222 individuals and families who would otherwise be homeless or without critical utilities. 
  • 94% of surveyed clients reported the Basic Needs Fund helped stabilize their personal crisis.
90% of CAA clients were satisfied


  • SORCe (Safe Communities Opportunity & Resource Centre) is a multi-agency collaborative resource centre that connects people who are experiencing or are at-risk of homelessness, to programs and services that can help to address the barriers to stable housing.  
  • Distress Centre operates the Coordinated Access and Assessment (CAA) Team at SORCe. The CAA Housing Strategists at SORCe work with clients to develop individualized housing plans and connect them to wrap around supports both at SORCe and in the community.  
    • The CAA team supported 4,128 individual clients between July and December.
    • They facilitated training for 40+ new Housing Strategists across the Homeless Serving System of Care.

“Even though we gave away more money to more individuals and families this year, we still have to turn a lot of people away because the need is so great in our community.”
-Mike Kwok, Basic Needs Fund Administrator

Connecting with Calgarians in crisis. You never know who might need support. It could be someone you know. Help us keep up with the growing need for all our services.